5 reasons you should send gifts for your virtual event

With Evenbrite hosting over one million virtual events this year so far, the number of virtual events we have seen this year during the pandemic has  been unprecedented. But with individuals already having to face endless online work meetings, the likelihood of combatting Zoom fatigue for after work events is slim. How, therefore, can organisers ensure they are keeping their audience engaged throughout?

Sending event gifts to attendees prior to the date of the event proves extremely beneficial in boosting the overall experience of your event. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It gets people excited about the event

Receiving packages related to an event gets people in an “event-ready mood”, making attendees more likely to look forward to it. As a result, people come to the event already ready to engage.

Attendees are also often likely to express their gratitude of the gifts on social media which leads to more awareness of your event and a greater reach than your own advertising channels.

For example, when the Hearsay Summit had to move online due to Covid-19, a number of packages were sent out to the attendees, which included a bottle of champagne to toast during the awards session. Registrants took to social media to relay their thanks.

2. It allows attendees to engage

Gifts are also a great way to give people something to engage with during the event. It also provides the opportunity for you to send items you would have handed out at an in-person event. Whether it’s an item for a game that will be played during, or a snack for people to munch on, engaging with physical items helps to maintain focus, resulting in a greater participation and reducing monotony. Additionally, it acts as way for the host to interact with their guests and create a deeper connection.

It’s important not to think that because the world is currently virtual, activities you previously did in person can no longer take place. Wine tastings, exercise classes and craft activities are all made possible by sending guests packages pre-event that contain all the requisite materials. For example, for our Sip & Paint events, we send each attendee a paint kit that contains everything needed to paint along with us, as well as a personal notecard. 

3. It creates a more memorable event

We all love receiving free things, especially thoughtful, useful, free things. It strikes the sentimental and appreciative chord in us and thus we are more likely to remember the gesture. In addition, once a virtual event has ended, there is nothing to show for it except the slides. Having physical swag not only provides a reference point and memorabilia for the future but it is likely to remain in your house for months to come, which creates a perfect way for your brand to become a ‘household name’!

4. It provides the opportunity to showcase your new ideas/product

While it may not be the most immediate reason to come to mind, sending event gifts provides an opportunity to showcase your latest kit. For anyone who has been working hard behind the scenes on a particular product and wants to try it out on a select number of people or straight out launch, event swag provides a great environment for this. People can see, feel and touch what you are talking about, instead of just going green listening to the description.

5. It’s more personable

Lastly, but certainly not least, event gifts show your attendees that you’ve thought about them. It helps them to feel included and adds a touch of humanity to what could otherwise be an impersonal occasion. You could even add a handwritten note for a personal touch.

Here are a few ideas to include in your gift packages:

  • mini cactus
  • branded water bottle
  • notepad and pen
  • coasters
  • candles
  • exercise mat
  • self care kit

Copper & Mauve creates custom, thoughtful gifts for all occasions. Contact us to see how we can help you with your next one.



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November 13, 2020

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