5 Lockdown-friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

How many of us thought we’d be out of lockdown in the UK by now? I sure did. However, it seems that more and more countries are being removed from the travel corridor and all hope of travelling abroad in the near future is fleeting.

Well, while it seems we may not have the option to jet set across the globe to a wonderful remote island for Valentine’s Day, I’ve come up with a few ideas for you to create for your love that will guarantee a Valentine’s Day that’s out of this world.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Here’s an idea where you can really get creative, and it’s easy to get carried away, so let me use an example to simplify it:

  1. decide where you will be at the end of the treasure hunt. The end goal will be for your Valentine to find you here.
  2. leave clues sequentially around your local community (or home!) eventually leading to your location. This can also include tasks your Valentine has to carry out before the next clue is revealed. You can write these up and hide them where you know no-one will find them, or you could leave messages with willing parties at your local shops.
  3. Your Valentine will be so excited by the time they have found you! Treat them to a gift or picnic to reward them.
  1. Send them some love

It may be that you won’t get to see your Valentine on Valentine’s Day. Not to worry; sending them a surprise gift package will make their day. Copper & Mauve has created a special pamper package for this very purpose. Buy one for that special someone, or send one to your friends for a relaxing Galentine’s night in.

  1. Cook a romantic dinner for two

Nothing spells romance like an intimate dinner, and there are lots of fine dining meal kits out there to suit all budgets that will do all the hard work for you, leaving you to take the credit! We especially love Oyinskis Valentine’s Meal Kit for Two, minimal-effort brownie points for the win.

  1. Have a movie night

Good-ole movie nights still get me excited. The thought of curling up on the sofa with my favourite snacks and binge-watching old movies still fills me with glee. Add to the excitement by making themed snacks, or order your favourite takeaway. Trust me, there’s nothing that can spoil this idea! Amazon Prime and Netflix now both offer lockdown-friendly movie-watching by allowing you to sync up movies with your friends virtually, so you can all enjoy the on-screen moments together.

  1. Set the scene

A little bit of change to your environment goes a long way. Simple things like moving the furniture around can make your living room look like a completely different house. You can add to this ambience by decorating your rooms to create a romantic “getaway” experience. Recreate an experience you both had together, or set the scene with balloons, flowers and candles for an intimate affair. We recommend Balloons by Sylvia’s Valentines Package.

Which of the above will you try? The treasure hunt, the dinner, or all of them? Leave a comment to let me know, or any other Valentine’s Day ideas that aren’t listed!



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